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This website is a list and a bunch of photos. 

A long time ago there were many movies in the real world. A lot more than there are now. Now they are on computers. How wild is that?

It is so wild! Okay. Anyway, if you like movies and researching movies that existed and were put onto VHS during the home video boom of the 1980’s and 90’s, then you will like this sight.

It is named in honour of a man who loved movies- Ken Anderson.


The Collection-

The collection was begun by Ken Anderson, and shared with his nephews Craig, Todd and Robbert Anderson. Craig continued to expand the collection from the initial few hundred until it got to around 13,000. The collection is EXCLUSIVELY VHS tapes. Analogue all the way!

Where are the tapes from?

Craig grew up in Western Sydney and the first big haul was from Civic Video Penrith. Back in 2002 they were selling tapes for the same price it cost to rent them. Craig bought hundreds. He then continued to do this for the next 17 years. Mostly from video stores that were closing down. He would drive all around the country looking for tapes and often fill his station wagon with them. He primarily looked for films that weren’t available on DVD or likely to come out on DVD at that time. Though some popular films have slipped into the collection, they are primarily forgotten because most people think they are rubbish.

Craig never participated in any collector’s forums and has never/traded sold a single tape. Many people have donated to the collection, and Craig is full of stories about it- he is quite a bore! The collection also includes films from UK, NZ, Fiji, Cook Islands, USA, Canada.

Craig stored the tapes in a warehouse on Addison Road, Marrickville, NSW, Australia. 35 bookcases, packed two deep. In 2021, the warehouse was demolished. Craig moved the tapes into a shipping container storage facility in Western Sydney. Just like at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Arc.

Before that point, he cleaned them all and scanned the covers. Building a database and gallery with a dedicated team.

Craig has spent tens of thousands on the tapes and many years scanning the covers. He has also digitized about 1/10th of the collection.

There are also 600 VHS era movie posters, 2 big gray VHS tape cleaners, two Video Source guide books, a red ferrari tape rewinder, 1500 unscanned ‘preview’ slicks, 25 VCR’s, some video board games and other weird VHS ephemera.

Not scanned in the collection are a couple of hundred Special Interest tapes, and another hundred “taped off the TV” tapes from Uncle Ken.

Believe it or not, Craig does not do this for a living. He’s a performer, or a director, or some crap. He just thinks it is funny to collect dead media. 

He also collects mid-century portraits. Lol.

What happened to the Doubles?

Craig sold them to a trader and ebay store owner Brett Garten.

Brett knows heaps about film memorabilia and is slowly listing the doubles on his store-

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