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How to Search

Look at the list on IMDB-


Check out the spreadsheet made my Librarian Lynn aka The List-

How to See the Cover’s Scans-

If you have found it on IMDB- look at the URL- then copy the tt#.

For instance- 

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 11.16.54 am.png

The “tt#”, the number that follows the two little t’s, is “2061594”. Copy that number and search for it in the Librarian Lynn spreadsheet, aka THE LIST

You can use the Find/Search option to find it.

Okay, see the number to the left of it? That’s the scan number- in this case it’s 219. 

Now go to the gallery page, and click on appropriate tab- in this case- ADULT- 000-653. Click on it and you will be taken to a google drive folder. There search for 219.

Click on it, baby!


High- Res Scans-

The images on the website are small to save money. If for some reason you need the high-res scans (they are all scanned at 600dpi), then go the request form.


How to watch the movie-

We can’t supply you the movie, because we don’t ‘own’ them. Also they are all currently in storage. If you are desperate to see a tape, then go to the request page. 

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