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Kenneth Gordon Anderson


Favorite Film- Goldfinger. Favorite Star- Sophia Loren.

Ken wanted to be a film projectionist, but his school career advisor told him that was impossible. He got a job as a cleaner. He remained a cleaner at a primary school for his whole career. He lived in housing commission with his mother until she passed. Years later he had a stroke, went to a public nursing home. In the early 80’s, he bought VHS tapes- sell through and also blank tapes. He was a compulsive ‘time-shifter’ and embraced LP VCR’s, sometimes fitting 4 films on a single tape. He turned his wardrobes into libraries, and shared the tapes with those he loved. He was an early adaptor of analogue tech, but never bothered with DVD. He would often tape the musical acts out of Abbott & Costello films. He loved film.


Craig Anderson


Favorite Film- The Train. Favorite Star- Roger Moore.

Craig grew up visiting his uncle Ken. Every fortnight, the family visited Nana Kelly (Ken’s mom). They would have a baked dinner, but also Craig and his brothers would get to borrow some tapes from Ken. He would also cue up scenes from movies to show them. 

In his twentie’s Craig went crazy and started buying VHS tapes from Video stores that were selling them off (replacing them with DVD’s or downsizing). He continued to buy any movie he hadn’t seen before (or wasn’t popular on DVD). He would travel across Australia and internationally for work, where he would load his car with tapes. One day he filled a shipping container in Fiji with tapes and shipped them back to Sydney.


Olive McKinnon


Favorite Film- TBC Favorite Star- Timothee Chalamet .

Olive is a middle schooler. She worked over school holidays at Craig’s warehouse. Her job was to scan the covers of the tapes. Craig managed to clean (with a damp cloth) most of the tapes before hand. But the final thousand were not cleaned and were covered in decades of dirt and cigarette ash. They were gross. Olive is probably one of the last kids in the world to spend her holidays working in a video ‘store’.


Lynn Anderson


Favorite Film- Haunted Honeymoon. Favorite Star- Richard Chamberlain.

Lynn Anderson (nee Rhodin) married Robert Anderson (Ken’s Brother) in 1971. On their Honeymoon in Perth they watched 2001: A Space Odyssey. What was that about?!? Lynn trained on typewriters/telex machines and got good at data work. She also worked in administration within schools in the 90’s/2000’s. She brought her incredible data skills to creating the excel spread sheet that connects the films to the scanned images.

I.T. Officer - Rodney Todd

(1977- )

Favorite Film- Wake In Fright. Favorite Star- Steve Buscemi

A wizard of punk music, a hobbit of IT. Rodney can upload and download stuff. He knows what a SEO is. He knows how wix works and also how to paste spreadsheets into wix websites.

Caretaker Librarians

Rob, Robby & SImone Anderson

Doug Bayne, Michael Blake

Belinda King, Malcolm King

Brett Garten, Aaron Chen, Natalie Ngo, Sam Campbell, Henry Stone

Douglas Burgdorff & Tori Pope (USA Branch)

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